About me

Though Solange Falardeau, began studying art seriously relatively late in life, she excelled, not only in technique, but also in adopting a style of her own .Even before finishing her studies in 1993, the Quebec –born artist was already showing her work in group exhibitions. Through an open and lyrical style, Falardeau depicts the most joyous moments of being human. Her figures are often in the midst of doing a dance or playing music with abandon. Her graceful, colourfully garbed women fully express the wonderment of the moment, inviting the viewer to share their contentment, Falardeau’s ability to dilute acrylic paints and create graphics with Chinese inks allows for a play of transparencies and opacity that gives each of the works a poetic and imaginary effect. A deliberate , yet spontaneous building of line , form and space _ punctuated by signs drawn in Chinese ink that mark vibrantly coloured areas of canvas _ provide the foundation for her unique brand of pictorial magic.

Milena Katz , Parkurst Exchange 2004